Apart. A part.


A part.

A slight space between a couple letters that means infinite space or togetherness.

When you are “a part” of something.




Nothing like it.

When you are “apart” from the person or people you love.

When you lose someone.

You are no longer “a part” of them.

You are “apart” or away from them.

And no longer “a part” of their realm.

This losing.

This space.

This disconnect.

Is terrible.

There is a void, an emptiness that cannot be filled.

And endless scooping of sand running through your fingers.

People carry this every day.

Even when you patch the gaping hole.

There is a wee space that still will always long for that energy,

the sight, the weight of that person.

Time heals most wounds.

Time allows for space to be filled with other things and people.

But you will always feel a part of that person is with you

and that part of your life with them that you can’t forget.

I think all humans want to be a part of something,

a part of a team, a part of a relationship, family, a movement.

The break of any of these is monumental and earth shattering.

Not to be taken lightly.

Be it through happenstance, fault, opportunity,

choice, longing or an accident.

You never never know what people truly

carry behind their smiling eyes.

The longer you are on the planet,

The more one becomes connected, and longing to be.

And also unfortunately because of whatever reason we lose those connections.

Loss is part of living.

It can devastate.

And linger and color everything.

Someone said, “Hearts are wild creatures, that’s why ribs are cages.”

I agree.

So take heed.

Say what you mean.

Tell people how you feel about them.

Don’t wait, act.

When we lose, we need others desperately

Don’t leave friends or family alone.

Reach out.

Be present.

Regrets are for dead people.

Don’t have any.

You don’t need them.

Become a part of everything you can.

Chase abundance.

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Written by Head Maven & CEO, Heather Newman, Creative Maven

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