Wirgowski Women, My Women #inspiration

These ladies. My Grandmother. My Mom. My Aunt Mary. I love you so.

2/2, Groundhog’s day was my Grandma Dorothy’s birthday.

I miss her so much. All of my Grandparents, in fact.

When I think of her, I think strength, sass, salty and spunky.

Food, flowers and sewing were love.

She made them all with such grace.

Her garden, her roses, hand sewn pajamas with rick rack, knitted blankets, needlepoint pillowcases, coffee cake, goulash, egg pancakes and scotch toffee cookies.

Midnight meals when we’d come in the Impala Station Wagon late night from our six hour drive from Anderson, Indiana to one of my favorite places in the world — their home — 511 Mullholland St, Bay City Michigan.

It was magical and is my favorite setting for a dream.

A working windmill and swings in the backyard, a brown paper mache grizzly bear on top of the workshop/garage.

I remember catching her look at you in that way, where there is all the love in the world.

She did it to my brother, my cousin Stacey, my Mom, all her kids.

There is nothing like the way a Grandparent looks at you with such pride, such love.

The name Dorothy has always meant magic to me, ruby slippers and all. I know how much my Mom misses her.

I’d give anything to play another round of Kings on the Corner around the yellow Formica kitchen table just us girls.

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