When you are wrong — say you are sorry. #inspiration #leadership

The words “I’m sorry” are very powerful.

But these phrases…

“that’s unfortunate”
“that’s too bad”
“yeah that’s tough”

These phrases do not equal “I’m sorry”.

When you cannot admit fault,

Or that maybe you did a bad job at your job,

It makes me think that you are shady.

That you have no spine.

That you do not understand remorse.

That your ego outweighs your soul.

These words are hard for some people.

I get that.

Maybe it was a bad day, week or month (we all have them).

It takes a lot of vulnerability and bravery

To admit you are wrong.

Being perfect is exhausting

And I’ve never met one person that truly is.

(I probably wouldn’t like them anyway.)

We all have flaws, secrets, pains, passions.

The thing is, is that THIS is what makes us human.

The energy it takes to lie, cheat, evade, hide, make excuses

and simply be clueless is vast and exhausting and honestly hard to track.

Why not just say the words, “I’m sorry”
It’s so easy.
It feels so good.
It actually puts a drop of honey into the air.
Hallelujah choruses sing.

Forgiveness, mea culpa, “my fault” are healing things.

It’s interesting sometimes when you write something thinking

specifically about one or two people

and then it applies so much more widely to things in the world.

Maybe that is the human condition that is

Repeated over and over again.

Greed and working a deal should not

Supersede understanding, communication

And simply being kind.

And having empathy for people.

And running a business with integrity.

I guess that is what Yelp and the Better Business Bureau are for…

I normally don’t complain too often but today

I’m not happy.

If either one of these folks had just said “I’m sorry”

when things weren’t communicated, requests and questions disregarded or left unanswered.

I wouldn’t feel so hurt and taken advantage of.

But I do.

Sorry, not sorry — I dislike that phrase

and I also dislike being disappointed

who doesn’t…

Say I’m sorry, when you screw up.

It can move mountains, stop wars, it is the Butterfly effect in effect.

One small phrase, changes everything.

Written by Head Maven & CEO, Heather Newman, Creative Maven

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