Knowing Where You Stand.

This is important

Because it’s who you are.

To know you have to ask


Or sometimes be told.

You think that honesty is easy.

But its isn’t.

Its wrapped in fear.

In ego.

In simply saving someone’s feelings.

Not wanting to hurt someone.

Being worried about being shunned or blackballed.

But that damage.

The damage of not telling the truth.

Is the core of what makes humans

Sad, mean, depressed, and become hateful.

Or Guilty. And holy cats.

Guilt SUCKS.

And if guilt isn’t the basis for so many of our religions, parenting, power plays

in relationships I don’t know what it.

Honesty isn’t a choice any more

It’s an utter necessity.

So where do you stand?

With yourself?

With your family?

With what you believe?

Are you willing to be honest

Every day about who you are?

It makes you better.

You then have nothing to hide.

The world becomes full of truth.

But take care, this is not without

Heartache, dissent, and anger at times.

So many people are so very divided right now.

Families, friends.

You have to talk, ask questions and not just fight on Facebook.


Lead with love, lead with integrity, lead with your heart.

Lead with your voice, your choice.

With what you need and what you can give.

With that you can never go wrong.

There is nothing FAKE about basic human decency and love.

It’s what we all want and what we all deserve.

Every moment.

Life is short.

And there is room for many choices and ways

Of loving

Of fighting

And supporting each other

When you need it.

When you give it.

Simply know where you stand.

Believe in each other.

Support each other.

Show up.

Huddle together

And fight for what you believe in.

As my mother would say,

stand tall

Chin up, tits out.

One hand on the rail and the other in the air…

Screaming at the top of your lungs.

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Written by Head Maven & CEO, Heather Newman, Creative Maven

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