Never too busy for love.

I haven’t felt like writing much the past couple of days.

I’ve been busy.

That word busy. It applies equally to everyone I know.

But I have been.

Busy sorting out all the strains running through my brain.

Busy with business strategy.

Busy writing for other people, which is my job, so tis appropriate.

Busy watching and taking in what’s going on around me.

And a far.

I picked a sunset photo not because it relates to this at all but simply because I love them.

Always have.

The mark of another glorious day on the planet.

Another day on the right side of the dirt (per my darling friend Paula Waddle).

She’s right.

I think sometimes one makes one’s self busy though when you are avoiding.

When you are hiding.

When you don’t want to feel.

This month of February.

This month of love.

I wish for all of us to not be so busy.

To not be so hidden.

To embrace, rather than avoid.

To be head on.


To love.

But to love yourself.

Not the person that drives you crazy.

Give yourself a valentine of goodness.

A valentine of compassion.

Fuck Hallmark.

Do something for you that makes you happy.

Feed you, not the people or person who just take from you.

And feed and love those that make you feel like a million bucks.

You know who they are.

They deserve your bright shiny light, your beautiful sunset.

Your time.

We’re never too busy for the one’s we love.

And making a little time for one’s self (who you should love the most)

is the best valentine of all.

And, well, I am a sucker for some really tasty milk chocolate.

But that’s just me.

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Written by Head Maven & CEO, Heather Newman, Creative Maven

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