Terms of Endearment — You’re the Poo.

We met moments ago, she ran off, came back and handed me a pillow and said

“You’re the poo.”

She said this as she handed me the Poo Emoji pillow from her bedroom.

Emoji instantaneously brought to life from my iPhone.

I love emoji. And in that moment we became friends.

One of my proudest moments being the IT Dept for my family was installing the emoji keyboard on my parents Stan and Jeannie’s iphones. I taught them well.

We don’t need words to express how we feel and what we need. We just emoji.

My Moms favorite is the heart and the panda.

My Dads is the face heart kiss.

I got a new perspective on emoji and “stickers” by doing some marketing consulting for a lovely gal in LA who was working on a flirting app.

But that night was a meeting of the minds.

Sometimes a term of endearment is

Odd. Silly. Quirky. Gross.

Never what you expect.

So when I was told I “was the poo” I knew there was a story.

She and her cousin call each other “the poo”’’

Since they were kids. Full of love. And silliness.

I can relate because my husband and I started calling our dog Oliver, “Poopy”.

Because of one of the first nights we had him.

He ran outside, smeared his face in poo,

Ran into the house and wiped it on the couch,

The bed

And any other surface he could.

We were so mad and had not a pot to piss in, even laundry was cost prohibitive.

Poop all over the house from this new creature in our lives.

But we fell in love. He was our pooper.

This has resulted in me calling every dog I see, a “pooper”

And it’s a Term Of Utter Endearment

So every dog to me is a “pooper”

Because we loved our dog, Oliver.

My friend Dennise calls every dog she sees “That Guy”

We all have our terms of endearment (TOD)

For those that we love.

It’s funny what comes out of meeting someone new.

When “you’re the poo” and you tell them about your “pooper”

Make you some new friends.

Emojis are awesome.

And you know what, if you’ve read this far…

You’re the poo, too.

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Written by Head Maven & CEO, Heather Newman, Creative Maven

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