Why I think Love, is actually all around.

Always hopeful.

Always hopeful.

Yes, I love that movie Love Actually. Always have, has been a staple my life for a long time. I haven’t watched it this year because maybe I just know it so well that I don’t need to, maybe other reasons.

The thing is, is that the holidays, all holidays, not just Christmas and New Year’s bring a reflection moment, a pause. Especially once all the fanfare, running around and all that is done.

No matter who is around you, one can feel alone or sad because this time of year brings that up. Things done and undone. Things said and unsaid. People that we’ve lost, relationship shifts, sickness, jobs are taken away, idiocy by people in power. Moments of regret. Moments of forgiveness. Moments of “why did this happen,” Moments of memories and feelings that stoke all kinds of fires with in us.

But no matter what, I always go to gratefulness and being thankful for whatever time I have been granted on this earth and whatever time I get or have gotten with every single person in my life be it for a moment or decades. We each have things to do, a place in this world that is important and a purpose for making magic and moments of joy for each other. All of our things and stuff, the good, bad and the ugly make us who we are.

We don’t always feel the love that truly is being sent to us from all the people in our lives. It’s hard to remember that sometimes.

Yes I know there are haters and terrible people in the world, but I’m not talking about them. They suck.

I’m talking about….

Everyone you’ve ever known and that has ever touched your life is always sending you love, wishing you well and hoping the best for you. I believe this to be true.

I know I do, so remember that I am sending you love, a Hedda hug. And the hope that when you look into the mirror, hear that song that devastates you, the photo that makes you weep or the family dish that make you long for one last word to someone that you’ve lost — that they too are sending you love from wherever they are, even if they are gone, even if it all fell apart, even when your heart has been broken. There is no yin without a yang; there is no light without darkness. And the essences of what was is always there and is a gift, though sometimes painful to feel. But at the core of it, it’s all love, darlin.

We humans are a collective of energy, thought, power and grace. It’s how we wield those things that make us who we are. I often hope that we all dig deep and use them for goodness and light more often than naught. And I believe we do. We are powerful beyond measure when we band together and love ourselves as much as we’d ever love anyone else.

Social media gets a bad rap and rightly so, but I think if you look at all the smiling faces, food and such, know that behind them we are all, each of us going through something. Life, real true life is always happening. The fact that people can take a second to share the moments of happiness and pain with each other means that deep down we all simply want a connection and to share and to radiate some love into this very complicated world we all live in. We take it when we can get it. So it’s a shared consciousness of all of it, sorrow and joy. I see that in every post, and I hope you do too.

So feel all the feels, but also embrace all the love, it’s there, it is there most when you truly need it — just sit, close your eyes and let it come to you. I know that sounds kinda woo-woo and corny. But I think it good for us to do that, in a quiet moment. Or you know what, call someone, reach out and tell someone else that you love them. Nothing quite like that. It comes back to you in twofold.

I skew to the positive, even the times when I’m hurting. But I see examples of goodness and support all around all the time. I’m known well for my crying/laughing jags, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Know that you are a light. A beautiful shiny light that no one or nothing can put out. We light sparks within each other. And I have my Grandfather’s trusty Zippo in my hand always lighting yours and my own.

Yes, you are a light whether it’s Christmas, New Year’s, a birthday or a random Wednesday, you are loved all the days of the year, the month, the week by many because you are amazing and needed and a delight.

Grateful and thankful for the love you are sending me at this moment and that I am and everyone you know is reflecting back to you.

That is why I believe that love, is actually all around.

And today is fixing to be tomorrow, 2018 is just around the corner.