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Quote and graphic by kushandwizdom

Lost post from October…


So full of so much. This week, every week. But this week, for sure. Full up with emotions from the earthquakes, the fires, the floods, and the fury of women.

Inspired by my sisters, my women goddess friends. Sparked by good men in my life. Cherished by my amazing family.

When the tears came this week.

Because my internal female chemistry set brought Aunt Flo to town.

Because things went my way to help my cash flow.

Because I have loved and lost and am learning from it and owning it.

Because I work with people every day that are and will change our world, deeply.

Because I held space for a friend who lost everything.

Because I feel strong and sexy swinging and flying my body around a pole.

Because I got to celebrate good things in person with my sweet parents.

Because I faced and stood up to a group of men in a random meeting of chance that is one of my #metoos.

Because I got to listen to a beautiful artist spread a message of love and randomly give my friend and I squeeze while passing by.

Because friends in my tech community who I love are this weekend, most weekends rocking our SharePoint land all across this world.

Because I watch powerful people over live stream — my women and men that I marched with — Rise together. Raise their voices. Band together.

Because humans are beautiful and imperfect but are moved to act.

That I know that it is all going to be okay. And that’s what is gets me out of bed in the morning. Because that sometimes, can be the hardest thing to do.

Because I am teaching what I need to learn and I’m humbled to be able to have that as part of my life.

Get up. Rise up. Stand up. Show up. In your way. In the little moments and the big ones. Because, I got your six and I know you have mine. Because I must.

So I let the tears come because I am grateful, every day.

And am stronger for all of it. Every bit.

Because, rawr.

Yeah, that’s why.

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