Sense Memory.

Long room at the Trinity College Library, Dublin, Ireland

Long room at the Trinity College Library, Dublin, Ireland

Writing: November Month of Thankfulness.

I wish sometimes you could capture the smell of a place.

History/Herstory lives in a scent.

The long room here in the old library at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland takes me back to being 24 and being on the precipice of a big new beautiful chapter of my life.

That first trip outside the US filled my head and heart with wonder.

Sitting here this morning, I’m filled with gratitude that I’m back here today. Completing some sort of circle.

Sense memory is what we call this sense of place, smell, feeling connected to an emotion in the theatre.

What brings you into the moment of the moment. So that moment on stage can be as real as possible.

Food and flora are usually big ones. People too. All unique in their scent. I think that is one of the reasons why I like hugging people, heart to heart. You get a little waft of who they are.

The universe has a way of bringing you back for re-election, reflection, reconnection to your past to sometimes remind you of who you are, who you were and how far you’ve come. Other times it’s because there is unfinished business, forgiveness, or thankfulness in need of being had. I like to think that’s how the world works.

Books have become digital and words liquid, I sit here and write this in OneNote in my iPhone 7. But there is nothing like the overwhelming scent of the pages of a real book, of a thousand books older than this country even. It is epic in that grand sense of the word.

I wish you could scratch and sniff this piece right here, right now and be taken to Dublin in this amazing place with me.

It is a little slice of heaven, down my own memory lane.

That’s the thing about sense memory though it’s yours and no one else’s.

The songs you hear, the signs you see, the smells you take in. All there just for you, your soul.

Your moments of moments, joy, sadness, anger, excitement.

This is why I love to travel, stay with friends in their homes and build the connective tissue of time, space and memories.

Always filled with wanderlust, with eyes, ears and nose on reading old chapters and writing the new, of the Book of Heather.

Breathe deep always, don’t forget to take it all in. It’s yours for the keeping, in your book. That you write every day. Read it, revisit it, write it.