Slow Down You Move Too Fast

Alone time.


Never quite enough of this.





A slowing down.


Even on a holiday we tend to pack it in.


The big list of things to see.


There is something to the unplugging that brings clarity.


Brings creativity.


New ideas.

A different perspective.


This isn't a luxury.

It's a necessity.


For busy parents sometime it's simply, a shower.


The calm early in the morning or late at night when everyone is sleeping.

Time on the treadmill.

A swim in the open water.

Zoning out to your favorite music.

A 10 min walk around the block.


It is a must do.


It IS a must do.


It's hard to fine the time.


But do try, ask for it, demand it.


Do you want the epitaph on your gravestone to say


She worked all the time?

Never stopped looking at his laptop.

Always too busy too wrapped up.


Be a little selfish


Actually be utterly specific about your need for this.


You may find that your next big idea, best moment ever comes


from that sweet time with just big beautiful wonderful you.


Which makes everyone around you feel your joy.


Aren't we all worth it?


I think we are.


Do it.




Written by Head Maven & CEO, Heather Newman

Once a month we share where to find Heather in the world and the most "maven/expert" opinions on marketing, brand, travel, and culture that we like from the internet. Receive our next issue by signing up here.

Photo: Heather Newman -  Graton Road, Sebastopol, CA

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