Pressing The Button - Putting Your Work Out Into The World

Oh the terror and delight of putting yourself out there.

With anything one does.

Pressing The Button.

I started off as an orator back in high school on the speech team and then a theatre major.

You hope that you hear a laugh a sigh, or some applause at the end of speech or performance.

There are many mediums that don't have that immediate responsiveness.


I lived that first before I ever did any marketing, writing or software building.


But you do it, you put yourself and your work out there.

You audition, interview, launch, present, post.


You work at it (you should anyway).

Repetition is the mother of skill.

And you get better and better at it.


But there is that moment you have before you post, launch, press the go button.

I equate it to stage fright.


Many actors I know find a trash can for their nervous stomachs.

Peter O'Toole famously would swig a bottle of brand before going on stage

Others give a big yell before sending that rocket into space

Michael Phelps wears those big headphones

And some simply push the button.


With it all I think it's good to have a moment of unknown

The "gulp"

It keeps our egos in check.


Will they like it?

Is there a typo?

Will the filament light?

Will it start?

Can I make it to the finish line?


The funny thing is, is that the big reveal often happens

And then nothing happens.



No response

Lurkers just lurking


Which can be disheartening as well.


How do you handle "pushing the button" for your business and putting yourself out there?

Do you have fear or are you rock steady?


When I'm speaking I simply breathe and smile

And know that everyone out there is rooting for me.


Writing is a little bit more nerve racking

Even after all of these years of writing copy and emails and articles.

Put I do like pushing the button just the same.


As we say in the theatre

The show must go on.


And on and on it does.


Blast off!



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Written by Head Maven & CEO, Heather Newman

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