The Chase in a Universe of Busy

The chase.

The hustle.

The getting after it.

Being one that "gets things done".

That schedules.

That pushes and prods.

That reminds.


I was talking to a colleague saying that

I get tired of the chase sometimes.


And yet it is also what gives me the juice and sweet satisfaction.


Everyone is busy, everyone.

One of my pet peeves is one person trying to make their "busy" more that someone else's.

This is the world we live in.

Noisy, busy, relentless.


Thank goodness for 3 day weekends and official holidays.


Being a chaser is a strength.

Especially if you do it with some flair and gentleness.

And you only unleash the kraken when you must.


I find that the biggest loss of productivity in my day is this chase.


Trying to find a meeting time.

Awaiting a response.

Finding information when I need, when I need it.

Hoping that someone cares to the same degree that I do about a task.


I may take this to the nth degree

But as I travel a lot for my business

I'm thinking out days, weeks. even months ahead.


Yes I use all the tools and I also have help to do this.


The thing is that I constantly remind myself is that everyone is concerned about their own schedule, not mine.

And it's something that I try to remember when asked for a meeting, to return an answer, task, etc..

And it's hard.


Things that I recommend or do to help with "the chase":


  • Use a scheduling tool, if in your CRM, or else - Doodle is good, wheniwork, there are tons out there.

  • Give an exact date and time you want something back from someone.

  • Use flags in Outlook so you and the person you've asked for something gets a reminder.

  • Pick up the phone, text or IM instead of email.  Emails get lost.  I've been using Facebook Messenger even more and more these days to have a quick chat with clients.


Don't get me wrong I am a bad-ass hunter and chaser.

I just appreciate both giving and getting a timely response.


Business is all about the hustle, early bird gets the worm.

Sometimes I just wish the worm would just show up a little faster.


Written by Head Maven & CEO, Heather Newman

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