Of Service, Those That Caretake Us and Our World

Of service.


All hail the people in the world who work in the "service" industry.

We all do in a way, parents are the greatest of all, IMHO.


To me that is anyone that takes care of us by:


Protecting us

Diagnosing us

Guiding and teaching us

Feeding us

Entertaining us

Hosting us

Cleaning, cutting, plucking, waxing, massaging us

Tuning, fixing and updating us and our things

And listening to us over a stiff one.


The relationship many of us have to the service people in our lives

Is an interesting one and usually significant.


We often tell our proverbial tribe many of our deepest, darkest secrets.

a confessional if you will.  As Lucy from Peanuts writes on her street side stand

"The Doctor is in".


My relationship with the U.S. military isn't as close and personal as say my doctor, writing coach, hair dresser, esthetician, favorite chefs or mechanic. But I do always thank them for their service and appreciate the sacrifices they and their families make every day to keep us safe.


The connection with all of this depends on the person who is serving you

of course and what the "service" is that you are receiving from someone.


My own nature is one of loyalty especially with people, places and things I like.

I tend to be a relentless repeat visitor.

Many people and places in my life that I go to I've been seeing for decades.

And much of receiving service revolves around some of the most significant moments in our lives.


Many of them know me and my life in ways that many family/friends do not.


There is a secret code I think when you are in service, a keeping of confidence and a part of service people that is truly altruistic and giving. It’s the passion behind their vocation.  Their personal "why".


In brand building and marketing what is that special something that you have that allows people to connect with you?

On a more personal level.


When do you cross over from client into a friendship?

How do you hear the underbelly both good and bad of your clients lives and not have it affect your own?

How do you keep other people's secrets?


I also find that when I need something I tend to ask my tribe about who else they go to for their own "services" - if I like them, I'll probably like who they see as well.


Word of mouth that way is powerful.


I also tend to like sassy people who are extremely good at what they do. 

Life is short and I don't like to mess around with repetition on mistakes, forgotten appointments (though I have been guilt of that on occasion), or carelessness.


Although sometimes sass is tiring and I'd rather not deal with someone flipping me attitude all the time.


If you are "of service" which almost everyone is in some way or the other remember that

you play a significant role in the world

and in many people's lives

whether you understand how or you never know.


What you say, do, hear, suggest, serve is important, needed and appreciated,

whether someone puts it up on Yelp or Instagram or elsewhere.


So when you are being served.

Say thank you.

If so moved do write a review or tell a manager.


People are more likely to complain than compliment in our busy world.

And every one appreciates some polite kindness.

And realize everyone has bad days. Think before you growl.


And that feels good. 

What comes around goes around.


Written by Head Maven & CEO, Heather Newman

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