Pigeon-Holed, Changing Perception of Brand and Self


No matter how hard you try, people will always think of you as the first thing they knew you for in the first place.

Kind of like how celebrities who became famous when they were kids stop maturing from the point when they made it.

Its hard to break through being pigeon-holed, as humans like to categorize things.

We do this to make the chaos In the world and in our brains make sense.

As much as we like our freedom and free spirits, we like order, rules, process. As long as we can step outside of or break the rules when it suits us.

Never stop trying to reinvent yourself, if not YOU will get bored. Take a tip from Madonna.

How do you change your course direction of your business or personal brand ?

I went through this as an event producer turned marketing executive now full time consultant and software entrepreneur.

It's difficult when you are successful or good at something for people to see you, your product, your business in a new light.

Now this changes on a dime when something bad happens. Opinions change in a heartbeat. Unfortunately.

But when you are moving in another positive direction it takes work, care and persistence.

Become a Thought Leader in your/you business new space. Start speaking, write a book, change the narrative on all public facing sites. Get out there.

Repetition, repetition, repetition. Tell the new story, tell it again and tell it again

With products or a business it's about choosing a strong visual brand, knowing your why and building your value proposition and key benefits. What business problem or pain do you solve. Be clear, concise and again consistent.

Find your champions in your friends, colleagues and clients. They will help share and reinforce your message if you ask them and also make it easy for them to do so.

Change is never easy whether it's you, your brand or your business. But it is fueled by the passion you have to do so. It also takes time.

Eventually the new narrative will catch and you'll be on your new path, glad that you stuck to your guns.

Stay the course.

Written by Head Maven & CEO, Heather Newman

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