Reflections of Self and Brand, 95% perception and 5% product



Who you see when you look in the mirror.

Who you see when you look in someone else's eyes.

And the perception of those two things by others.


Whether it is you, your brand, or your business.

Are the most powerful "drug" in the world.


Especially when you get it right.


Especially when its positive.

There is nothing like it.

And we will do anything for it.


But equally unfortunately, when its negative

that's when things go off the rails.

And leads to hurt, dysfunction, and "reasons" to go find that reflection you need in

other people, who may or may not be good for you and

food, drugs, alcohol, sex, and depression.


With personal reflection it's about what you see when you get up in the morning

about hearing the "angel" on your shoulder not the "devil"

developing positive self-speak instead of

the lizard "fight or flight" brain that thinks

everything is out to get us.


Instead of a saber-toothed tiger, tis fear.

Am I good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, fat or skinny enough?


Replacing that with I am enough.

I am all the good things that one is

with all the flaws, imperfections and doubt.


In marketing brand is 95% perception and 5% product.

Taking an outside-in approach,

matching the core values, the personalization of the message and the problem your product solves.


Don’t get me wrong.

Products must inherently must come with quality, integrity and doing what they say they do.

That should be the given though some time it is not.


What do you see when you look in the mirror?


The five people around you are your greatest reflectors of you and your spirit.

What do they shine at you?

Words and body language are powerful, what to you hear and see when this happens?

Listen and look and decide what you want in your life.

Tis important.


With brand, look at the components of your message, your website, your LinkedIn, even your Facebook because everyone is looking at your reflection inside all of those places.


One post, comment, link can change or alter what consumers and clients think about your product or company.


So do the work. With all of this it's about doing the work.


Know what you stand for, understand your core,

and as they say be the reflection that you want back into the world.


Written by Head Maven & CEO, Heather Newman

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