The Divine Spark

A meeting of the minds.


I love when you get on the same page with someone.


Where you are honest and open and discover

they think the same way you do.

Not on everything but a core set of things.


There is something very adult about it.

Something that can be rare.


There are a lot of games in life.

In relationships.

Inside a business.

On the playground.

Surrounding who holds the remote control.


Risk, Clue and Balderdash are my favorites.


And damn if we humans don't like to play games.

To gossip.

To tear people down.

To manipulate.

It sucks.


But there is something so very beautiful about

a kindred spirit.


So let's talk about that.


I find that new people in your life bring this out.

You are discovering each other.

Working to like each other.

be this at a party or even in a job interview.


I also love when I find out something new or a story

I haven't heard from an old friend.

Just as delicious.


Or I see something that appeals to me online.


We attract the reflection that we want to see.

But there's a discovery that happens

and the fact finding mission

where you reveal a common interest, love of art, music, being outside, a way of thinking

that when it intersects and intertwines with yours.

It's simply bliss.

Especially when its honest and real.


What's cool about this is

that it is about that electric one on one connection.

But it's about brand as well.


We connect with like mindedness on a human to human level whether

it's with one person or with the things we buy.


It's simply in our makeup.


And something to take into consideration

in marketing and brand.


I tend to be both a true believer and a grand skeptic

so I hope that people and brands are telling the truth

about what they stand for, who they are, and what they love.


When they do those moments are simply divine.


And I'm always thankful for them.



Written by Head Maven & CEO, Heather Newman

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Photo: Lions in the wild, creative commons

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