Reclaiming Your Brand, Your Self.


Getting out of the deep groove.

The taking of something known and metamorphing it.


Humans and animals "mark" their territory, the claiming of "mine"


Memories are made from the claiming or attachment to things and stuff

And the best and worst of those moments in our lives.  A "pleasure memory" or "fear memory"

Easily recalled by either our psyche unconsciously or by our beautiful tortured hearts.


Out of all the "things" you can associate to I think mine are:


Songs/music, food/drink, place, smell, images, clothing


There are [insert one of the above] that take me right back into the moment I either:

First heard it

Made a memory around it

Revisited it over and over again


Humans are creatures of habit.  We revisit. Tis comfortable.


Sometimes though you need to flip the script.


Change the emotional reaction you have to a memory, you control it instead of it controlling you.


All shades of memory serves us, make joyful moments count and know unsettling ones protect us or teach us something.


The beautiful animated Disney file "Inside Out" is one of the most insightful films on the human psyche that explains all of our emotions (joy, anger, curiosity, disgust, surprise, sadness, fear, shame or guilt)


Understanding the memory and emotion factor in marketing is HUGE. 

And something I think about it when working on brand.


Do we know our "why"?

Is what we are saying relatable?

Are we educating or entertaining, hopefully both?

What' the emotional reaction to story?


Remember customers are human and buy from:

What aesthetically pleases them, educates them, solves their problems, makes their lives easier or to laugh.


So how do you "mark" your brand

How do you "flip the script" on a memory either in your personal life or with your business?


What is special and significant to just you and your brand. Own it. Explore it. Share it.


Enjoy the good stuff. Learn from the bad stuff.


And sometimes you gotta turn that song on

put on that dress

lay in that bed

trash that website

and overlay a new memory over that old one.

Written by Head Maven & CEO, Heather Newman

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