Law #4 - Marketing Maven Tips and Tricks

Law #4 - Marketing Maven Tips and Tricks   

Feature (Book):  The 22 Laws of Immutable Marketing by Al Ries and Jack Trout 

There is no such thing as the best.  I always lead with perception as the focus of discussions on value prop and then again being with story. If you can show people why you are the best without saying is the "best". 

Law # 4 -- Perception  

Marketing is never a battle of products. It is always a battle of perceptions.  

Contrary to popular opinion, the best product does not always win in the marketplace over the long haul. The belief that the best product will ultimately win is an illusion -- if for no other reason than because deciding what is the ‘‘best’’ product is a subjective judgment call rather than an objective, scientific process. The most successful products focus instead on creating the right perception in the mind of the prospect. Most people will form their entire perceptions on the basis of a minute amount of experience -- and frequently not even their own experience but someone they know. On that sliver of information, they will quite readily declare a universal truth. Marketers who don’t understand this law frequently try and get the ‘‘truth’’ on their side -- that is, they look at the product as the hero of the marketing initiative and use factual comparisons to highlight why their product is superior to anything else available.  

‘‘Most marketing mistakes stem from the assumption that you’re fighting a product battle rooted in reality. All the 22 laws of marketing are derived from the exact opposite point of view.’’ -- Al Ries & Jack Trout


‘Truth is nothing more or less than one expert’s perception. And who is the expert? It’s someone who is perceived to be an expert in the mind of somebody else.’’ -- Al Ries & Jack Trout  


‘‘Only by studying how perceptions are formed in the mind and focusing your marketing programs on those perceptions can you overcome your basically incorrect marketing instincts.’’ -- Al Ries & Jack Trout for more… 

Written by Head Maven & CEO, Heather Newman

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