Law #5 - Marketing Maven Tips and Tricks

Law #5 - Marketing Maven Tips and Tricks 

Feature (Book):  The 22 Laws of Immutable Marketing by Al Ries and Jack Trout   

I have been called a "disco ball" before because I do tend to scattershot a bit with projects and ideas.  You cannot do that with marketing. You have to laser focus your message on how you fix the pain for your customers.  How do you make someone's life easier, save them money or time.  That's it. 

Law # 5 -- Focus  

The key to success in marketing is to find an effective way to come to own a word in the mind of the prospect.  

The Law of Focus suggests marketing is like a magnifying glass -- you use it to focus your messages until you ‘‘burn’’ your way into the mind of the prospect, and link your product with one single word or concept. Achieve that, and whenever that word or concept comes up, the prospect thinks of your product or service. In finding that word: The simpler the better. You can’t focus on any word that doesn’t have proponents for the opposite point of view. (For example, you can’t own the word ‘‘quality’’, because everybody stands for that and nobody stands for ‘‘the lack of quality’’. The narrower and more precise the focus, the more you will achieve. The most effective words are benefit oriented. In marketing, it’s always more efficient -- even for complicated products -- to focus on one word or benefit, and make that the emphasis of everything the company does.  

‘‘The essence of marketing is narrowing the focus. You become stronger when you reduce the scope of your operations. You can’t stand for something if you chase after everything.’’ -- Al Ries & Jack Trout  
‘‘When you develop your word to focus on, be prepared to fend off the lawyers. They want to trademark everything you publish. The trick is to get others to use the word. To be a leader you have to have followers.’’ -- Al Ries & Jack Trout for more… 

Written by Head Maven & CEO, Heather Newman

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