Day 30, June 2016, #BornWithWings Writing Challenge - Completion

Day 30, June 2016, 30-day ‪#‎bornwithwings‬ writing challenge. Completion.


It's been six months of writing challenges and this is the first month I've completed posting every day.

And I'm happy about it.

The tangibility of a project done.

"The Progress Principle" - how visible progression is the precursor to momentum and flow - great quote from the awesome Srinivas Rao from his Unmistakeable Creative podcasts.

There is something to crossing things off a list.

Checking the boxes.

Having something be "done"

That feels so good.

I think it's because life has so many loose ends.

Things that are unresolved.

Things that make no sense.

Things you may never receive closure to.

I like the term "work in progress" (WIP) which allows for constant change, iteration, etc..

But it also allows for lingering in things, people and places that maybe don't need it.

I also think that I like when something is called a "challenge"

My inner Midwestern competitive nature comes out in full force.

I may put the word "challenge" in front of more projects, things, and people (haha) that one is certainly apropos for some in my life.

So, Dear "Born with Wings" writing challenge, I'm done with you. You are complete.


Ok, so what's next?

My first book. ‪#‎1000wordsonfire‬ a day

Due 9/27.


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