Day 28, June 2016, #BornWithWings Writing Challenge - Energy Vampires

Day 28, June 2016, 30-day ‪#‎bornwithwings‬ writing challenge. Energy Vampires.

Vampires suck.

They suck the life out of their prey.

They are beautiful and sexy, electric and all the things you could ever want.

Energy vampires prey on those who give, the fixers, the I'll take care of it'ers. The do'ers.

That quote "the devil doesn't come in a red cap and pointy horns, he comes as everything you ever wished for"

"Once you get rid of the energy vampires in your life the money, the ideas and the time you need to do all the things you want to do will flow". A very astute colleague said this week. And he was on point.

Think of the hours and hours of Time. Energy. Love. Thought. You give to people who do not deserve it. Who do not return it.

They simply take. They may be a catalyst for change for creativity for some good.

But in the deep dark of the night

Like a mosquito. Like a parasite on a host.

They chip away at the core of you.

And possibly without malice or even realizing it. Givers simply give. Takers simply take.

"Sometimes the people who take the most energy from you can be in your inner circle" he said.

To recognize this is difficult. To act on it even harder.

Because many times we don't want to. It feels good to give, to love, to take care of people deeply, fiercely without want of the return.

And to remove or unstick the connection is even harder still.

But do you let them suck you dry? Till there is nothing left? Till you are broken?

You only have so much time on this earth.

We die a little every day and never know when our number is up.

Walk in the light. Put on a garlic necklace. Stop texting, liking, connecting, calling, cleaning up after and dealing with shit for the energy vampires in your life.

Because they do suck. And not in a good way.

And they deserve a stake in the heart.

So they don't break yours.

Unstick yourself from their gaze. They do not control you. Today, right now. Release them.

They are unnecessary barnacles on your skin.

Time for a scrape.

Or just change the game and simply take care of yourself.


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