Day 12, June 2016, #BornWithWings Writing Challenge - Broken

Day 12, June 2016, 30-day #‎bornwithwings‬ writing challenge. Inspired by this excerpt of a poem by Rumi: "You were born with wings. You are not meant for crawling, so don't. You have wings. Learn to use them and fly."


How do you go on when things are broken?

How do you stay motivated?

How do you keep your faith in yourself, the people you love, the world?

So many things that happen have no rhyme or reason.

Human beings can be so stupid.

So shortsighted.

So up our own asses that we don't see how we affect other people.

Belief is such as strong word.

As I can be both so negative and so positive.

"I believe in the power of goodness and light"

"I believe that I'm allowed to hate and kill because I believe"

Do we really make change by being the example in the world.

Or do we need to bring down a big ass hammer and finally say,

Enough is enough, let's do what needs to happen to stop this craziness.

And I mean that about the shootings but I also mean that about

The strife and turmoil that we all face day to day.

Seeing things that happen

I wish sometimes I/we could retrace the steps.

Before the shattering.

Before the carnage.

Before the pieces spread all over the floor.

To that moment when it turned to spill.

To see if it could be gently nudged the other direction.

Look for those moments in your life, in the world

And be ready

And be vigilant with

Your love, your time, your vote, your voice, your smarts, your gut.

Being vulnerable, strong and brave, always saying the truth.

Fighting for it.

And demanding that from others.

I want our glass to be half full (ottimista) not half empty (pessimista)

And never broken, if we can help it.

And I think we can.

I hope.

My heart goes out to Orlando. 
And love to all these things shake us all to the core.

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