Law #2 - June 2016 - Marketing Maven Tips and Tricks

Feature (Book):  The 22 Laws of Immutable Marketing by Al Ries and Jack Trout  

I love this book and believe in the "laws".  The second here is all about innovation and breaking through.   


Law # 2 -- The Category 

If it’s impossible to be first in a category, invent a new 

category in which you can be first to the market in. 

It’s not as difficult to find a new category -- in which you can be 

first to market -- as it might appear at first glance. There are a 

number of different ways to be first, because prospects have 

an open mind when it comes to new categories. 


In fact, the attraction of ‘‘new’’ far outweighs the comparative 

attraction of ‘‘better’’. It’s more important to think categories 

than to worry about brands. Consumers are often defensive 

about their preferred brands, but open to thinking about a new 

product in an entirely different category. 


Therefore, the best marketing strategy of all is to be first into 

the market in a new category -- and then promote that category 

intensely. In essence, you’ll have no competition whatsoever, 

and your marketing can focus on promoting the reasons why 

consumers should buy a product in that category -- which by 

happy coincidence will mean they have to buy from you since 

you happen to be the only company currently supplying 

products in that category. 


‘‘When you launch a new product, the first question to ask 

yourself is not, "How is this new product better than the 

competition?" but "First what?" In other words, what category 

is this new product first in?’’ 

-- Al Ries and Jack Trout for more…