Law #1 - June 2016 - Marketing Maven Tips and Tricks

Feature (Book):  The 21 Laws of Immutable Marketing by Al Ries and Jack Trout  

I love this book and believe in the "laws".  The first one is a great one. From working on a startup, pioneering can be tough but you then own the "category". 

Law # 1 -- Leadership 

It’s always better to be first to market rather than 

waiting to get to market with a better product. 


There is always a significant first mover advantage in business, 

but this is particularly true in marketing. Getting into the mind 

first is always easier to achieve than convincing a prospect you 

have a better product than the one that did get there first. 

The reasons for this are: 


1. There is a natural human tendency for people to stick with 

what they’ve got. 


2. The first brand to market generally has an opportunity to 

become a generic term for that product category -- and 

making it even harder for competitors to gain a foothold. 

Despite that, most companies tend to pursue a ‘‘better product’’ 

style business strategy -- watching for evidence a market is 

there and then trying to develop something better than their 

competitors are presently offering. 


A far more productive approach would be to spend more time 

trying to develop an entirely new category altogether. 


‘‘The basic issue in marketing is creating a category you can

be first in -- not in convincing people you have a better product.’’ 

 - Al Ries and Jack Trout for more…