To the Magic (within us all) — #HappyNewYear!

To the magic.

Within us all.

To the light

That shines so bright.

To the laughter

That fills us up.

To the food (and people who make it)

That give us nom nom.

To the smile

That makes our day.

To the surprise hellos

That lift us up.

To see the glass half full

When we are feeling empty.

To the infuriating things

That make us rise.

To the gift of one more day

That brings something new.

To the friendship

That keeps us on track.

To the love

That we share deeply.

To the self

That keeps on learning.

To the hand

That holds ours when we need it.

To the heroines and heroes

That inspire us.

To the parents

That love, worry and teach.

To the family

That loves us anyway.

To the artists

That keep it real.

To the music

That connects us all.

To the beauty

That brings us amazement.

To the hatred

That keeps us fighting.

To the joy

That I hope to spread daily.

To earth

That thankfully keeps on spinning.

To the words

That give us pause, awe, and movement.

To each one of us

That is amazing, wonderful, kind, and full of love.

To the wish

That we all make on this new year.

To move forward

That we make good on that wish.

To you

That I am so thankful for in my life.

A most Happy New Year and wishes of goodness,

light, love, inspiration, joy, fierceness, good health and asskicking

to you from me.

And to the magic within us all.


A — B — R — A — C — A — D — A — B — R — A

A — B — R — A — C — A — D — A — B — R

A — B — R — A — C — A — D — A — B

A — B — R — A — C — A — D — A

A — B — R — A — C — A — D

A — B — R — A — C — A

A — B — R — A — C

A — B — R — A

A — B — R

A — B


With props to Neil Gaiman and his beautiful words.

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Written by Head Maven & CEO, Heather Newman, Creative Maven

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