When you love - Happy Holidays

Thankful always for my parents tender loving care whenever I am with them, I am surrounded by glitter, sparkles, angels, snowmen and Santa here at their beautifully decorated home.

Sitting around the kitchen table, with coffee in hand, Mom’s zucchini bread, Dad’s peanut brittle and a turkey with my favorite stuffing in the oven, we talk, share pictures & stories, send texts and photos to family and friends near and far.  The neighbors drop off treats… it is a warm, sweet and good holiday.

I am always humbled by the beautiful people in my life and grateful for every moment, experience and lesson that we have experienced together. To the Cooks, Newmans, my sweet husband Jim, dear friends and family, a merry holiday to all the things we all celebrate.

Holidays are wonderful but also hard, so much nostalgia and longing for times and people who have past or when things have changed or are no longer so. I too am looking forward to a new year and wish everyone a truly Happy Holiday season. A few thoughts from my heart to yours. Because I believe, to quote my favorite holiday movie, “If you look for it, I've got a sneaky feeling you'll find that love actually is all around."



When you love

You share

You say it

You act

You move

You give

You show up

You respond

You lean into impulse

You give of your whole self.


So many different kinds of love

The invisible strings that connect us

The people you want to be with

To spend the time

The energy

To make the trip

To say the words

To listen

To hug

To kiss

To touch

You feel the connection

From near or far.


This is what we lead with

This is what brings and gives us hope

Where love is love is love.


There are a lot of “F” words that go along with “Love and Loving”.

And I like all of them

Forgiveness, Fierceness, Friendship, Fight, Forever and a few colorful others.


The one to kick out of your loving bed is “Fear”.

I think that word is worse than “hate”

because fear IS the catalyst for hate.


I see where it has derailed my own life

My friends, families lives



Our always tumultuous world.


Every moment I am working on

Letting go of fear and

Leaning into and giving love

Every type and form that I am lucky enough to have

With many people and the world.


When you love

Know that people feel it

And it is the best thing that exists.


So give it up

Give it out

Never be afraid of it.


Those that don’t deserve it

Will leave your gaze

(or you drop them like a hot rock, oops)

And those that absorb it, will bask in it

And reflect it back to you


As it should be.


When you love, you are brave.

When you love, you are vulnerable.

When you love,

you are the strongest person in the world.

And that is how you win

any fight.


Your life, it is the greatest passion play written

Sing your love hallelujah

Every moment.


So I tell you that

I love you, oodles

Thanking each of you for so many things

Wishing you and yours Happy Holidays

and a deeply beautiful new year.


When do you love?

Right now, sugar, right now

Tis the moment.


Written by Head Maven & CEO, Heather Newman, Creative Maven

Once a month we share where to find Heather in the world and the most “maven/expert” opinions on marketing, brand, travel, and culture that we like from the internet. Receive our next issue by signing up here.

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