The Deep Let Go. (to the new year)

When you decide to

Choose you.

When you decide you are

not your parents, societies whims,

Or whomever you have idolized or put on a pedestal that controls your moves.

When you need to forage

A path that isn’t comfortable


Or the “right thing to do”

When you shake the status quo.

When you truly let go

Of what other people think

Traditions that have been forced upon you

Societies view of what is normal.

There is no normal.

(there never was)

The letting go is

Fraught with fear

The unknown

Potential instability

Sitting in your own skin.

Standing on your own two feet.

We need other people


But we need ourselves


The deep let go

Is about enjoying every moment.

Reveling in aloneness.

Rejoicing with others

And giving a look to the deep dark longings

In one’s heart.

A friend said “the only true sin is not enjoying the moment”

that was a quote from a man who sat at the tree of Buddha.

Seems like good advice to me.

The let go

Works when you do it while

tethering to what you believe in

And the people who love you.

They will be there no matter what.

I’m not saying you shirk responsibility

Or walk out

Drop out

And leave someone holding the bag.

But I believe in the deep let go

So you find your true self.

Scary, but worth it.

I believe in you, and will be here as you descend.

So, let go, to the deep.

And find your light.

It is there waiting for you.

To grow, sometimes you let go.

(tis a new year after all…)

Written by Head Maven & CEO, Heather Newman, Creative Maven

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