Thank you

Thank you.

Two words that actually mean so much.

When the world is upside down,

(And for goodness sake this big blue sphere

Never stops spinning and changing

Underneath us.)

realize it is always that way.

These words combined with a smile

Make the difference.

How many times do you say these words every day?

Take that and multiply it by 1000.

I've not only started counting mine

But I'm upping the ante.

Looking for every opportunity

To drop these words in

And flash these pearly whites.

To the people in my life that lift me up.

Because you never know when someone else

is down, needs a lift, could use some kindness

or inspiration.

Even when we are hurting many times

We are simply pushing through and need

a boost.

To random strangers

To people who are standing there working

Handing me a coffee, groceries

Cleaning up our world

Fixing things inside my house

Who help me put my luggage up in the airplane

Who hold a door open for me

Who catch me when I fall.

Because it is one simple phrase

And one phrase makes a difference.

The difference between hate and understanding.

Paying it forward is not a joke

or a feel good hippie thing.

For people who help you

For the lights in your life

For random acts of kindness

For voices that take a stand

For overcoming fear

And speaking one's mind

And truth.

Say thank you.

It is not small.

It is vast, deep and important.

I live in a life where I get to say thank you often.

But I also know when

Saying no thank you.

No I do not agree, No I will not tolerate that

Is just as important.

So thank you to so many.

And no thank you to hate, fear, playing small and intolerance.

I believe in people.

And the small acts and moves we all make every day.

Make them good.

Make them add up.

Make them mighty.

There is always room for good manners,

speaking up and spreading joy.

I sign my emails "Cheers" because my "why" IS spreading joy and I toast you

And what you are and do every day.

Uses your praises and "Hell, Nos" with equanimity.

They count, every last one.

Thank you.


Written by Head Maven & CEO, Heather Newman

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