To make something active or operative.

Music is my favorite activator.

Moving, getting it going.

Or when I get really angry.

But how do you activate when you have a MILLION things to do.

When you are BUSY?

When you have no TIME?

Take a moment, just one. Start there. Start now.

What does activate mean to you?

It can be as simple as choosing

To take 30 min to exercise.

To write a short letter to your congressperson.

To ask for that raise.

To give five bucks to a cause you believe in.

To smile at a stranger.

To say no sometimes.

To say yes to what you believe in.

It is private and personal to you.

Only you know what lights you up.

We live in fear of

What other people think.

How they will react.

Will they still buy my product.

Will they judge me.

Screw that.

Activation is about empowerment.

Activation is about lighting a spark.

Being a light for the other people in your life

Your family

Your friends

Your neighborhood

Your city

Your state

Your country

This world

Simply for yourself. You baby.

The time to let others speak, think, choose for you

Was never now.

Or then.

Fighters fought for the rights we have today.

If you aren't inspired by what you do,

who the hell else is going to be.

I say this, because I say it to myself.

Shrinking violets have no place in our world.

Get down with the get down.

Don't stop till the break of dawn.

And then go some more.

The world needs all of us to not play small.

The deepest fear is that we become the brightest,

shiniest versions of ourselves. Supernova hot.

I love all of your light.

Especially when it is on fire and relentless.


Apathy allows hate to breed and mutate and take over.

We create the world we want to live in.


Speak up.

Rise up.


In your way.

Every move counts.

The pawn can take the king,

Just gotta know the moves.

And the game.

Be a player.

Hustle hard.

Fight the good fight.

And never surrender.


Written by Head Maven & CEO, Heather Newman

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