A New Year, A New Look – Time for a Creative Maven Costume Change

Make Moments. Spin Stories. Build Brands.

Enough is enough.  It's time for a makeover.  

It's not about my hair.  Wild as it is.  

Nor is it about my stuffed to the gills closet..  

Its' about my website.


If you're a "Marketing Maven" in this high-tech, fast-paced world. if you're dedicated to helping others with their brand and marketing strategy, your own website damn well better be responsive, clear and cutting-edge tech-wise.  

Feel me?  Good.

Time to rock it out.

After stepping into the super groovy role of CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) from Microsoft event producer, I let the site lie.

It was simply a home for my blog. A neglected blog at best.

I posted a handful of times a year. 

Back in the day, a small boutique design firm created a template for me in Thesis.

Remember when that was all the rage?  Word Press made me crazy.

Honestly it was a drag.

Every time I needed a teensy little update, it cost me $65-90.

Something had to change.

So this year, come December I grabbed the website by the horns.

What got me fired up was working on my tech company, Content Panda.

How could I be a self-respecting Marketing Maven and host an out of date, lame site?

This past year I collaborated with my Content Panda business and creative partner building out our website.

I learned Squarespace software backwards and forwards, inside and out.. 

Why Squarespace?

Because we chose software that would easily yield an agile and responsive site.  One we could update easily.

As of today we've migrated three old client sites to Squarespace.  

They are all ecstatic.  And we've found a new revenue stream.

Cut to a rainy day in Sonoma County.


The gray rain hits my window pane and makes my hummingbird feeder sway violently.

Coffee in hand.  Down to business.

When I started the truth is I could see the new site.

It was in my dreams.  

Months now.

Sleek background. Electric patterned backdrop.  Energized and hip.

My photography. Who I am.  Where I've been.  Where I can help others go.

The answer to a lost marketer's prayers.

My baby.

So I time-traveled to www.squarespace.com. Picked a template (Bedford.)

And began.

Time to take the reins.  Time to take my learning. My new found website badassery to work.

I would design my own site.

The heart of it happened over a weekend.

From there, it was two weeks of revisions, reviews, and feedback from amazing colleagues, family & friends.

Thank you!

Now I'm moved in.

This Creative Maven Marketer is home.

The site inspires. I'm excited to push out new blog & podcast content this year.

About business development.

Marketing strategy.

Brand tips and tricks.


I am thrilled to continue as a trusted advisor and kickass virtual team member for companies who want to rapidly up level their marketing, business development and Microsoft Go to Market strategy. 

Come and get it.

New this year, I’m offering 1:1 VIP Coaching and personal Brand Review sessions.

if this calls to you, let's talk!

Thanks for reading this far. Here on my new Creative Maven website 

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Truth:  I get inspired by seeing others push their businesses and lives forward.

Fuck static.

It's new year.

Let's push and play together.  Time to play BIG!

Happy New Year, and cheers to a more full-bodied, balls-out marketing approach for you and your beloved business.  Get some maven in your life, just ask.


Make Moments. Spin Stories. Build Brand.