You are Fired, Now What? Tune In: Marketing Superstars Radio with Dave Scott - Interview with Heather Newman

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In my interview with Dave we discuss:

Fact. CMO's have a shelf life of 24-36 months. What do you do:

When you are fired from your CMO (Chief Marketing Office) job 

When you are laid off

When you leave a bad situation that isn't right for you

When you've been asked to be a "change agent" but its not really their culture

Find out in Marketing Superstars's last episode of 2015, Dave Scott and I talk candidly about:

Job transitions

How to work on the business of YOU Inc, ready and razor sharp for what's next

How to own the message of what happened

And learn how to flip failure into your most fortuitous moment. 

Yes I'm a marketer who LOVES alliteration.

We get down to the straight dope on a subject that not many will discuss. (I've danced with Dave on a stage before and we certainly know how to get down. woot!)

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