#LifeisGood - Notes from a Great Keynote

Jake Rocks
Jake Rocks

I had the good fortune to see the lovely and excellent Frisbee-thrower Bert Jacobs , CEO - Chief Executive Optimist (one half of the dynamic sibling duo) who own and run the wonderful company Life is Good.  I love their story, how they run their company and their marketing.  I reference this OneNote page from a couple of years ago quite a bit and there's a ton of goodness that I thought I'd share. Cheers!

Blur lines between work and play

Meetings can look like anything else

Whatever we love in life we bring to our work

Focus on what is right in the world and things open up

People who see obstacles and others see opportunity

Feet on the ground, chin up to see what's happening

Laugh at your background, remember where you came from

Transparency - share it when we make mistakes, have a laugh

Don't paint a façade that you have it all figured out

My next presentation I will use my family to show people where I come from and where I am inspired by

Tell me something good that happened today

Focus on some things that are right

They don't tell us what is wrong, but they don't tell us what is right

Everything is relative, always relative

Media is always preying on our fears - why - it sells

We are vulnerable

We don't figure things out we listen, you don't have to talk first

Your business should be about the receiver of your message

Good vibes are contagious

Think about the depth of the message - words are powerful

Life is like a pendulum, swing up high both light and dark

Who is our customer?  Who are we helping?

Who pushed our buttons

I want to see and feature some of people and all of the people

Weave your cause into your work every day - it puts a bounce in your step

Business is a tool for you to accomplish anything you want in your life

Leaders need to start something and others will help

Wake up and win

What's the record - 31,000 pumpkins - Guinness Book of World Records

Make a list of things to accomplish in your life - break a world record

In one night strangers came to make it happen

Awesome PCMA 2012 session.  "Do what you like, like what you do."  Life is Good - Bert Jacobs, Chief Executive Optimist

Customers grow brands, based on what they think of you.  Based on your authenticity they will either rip you apart or grow you.

Music Festivals

Where there is music, there is love.

Create a point of difference

Families with little kids

Sitting watching heroes - play events all of these things are going on at once

All events VGP - very good person

You can only get it by raising money for kids

Art for mural - three stories high - build for the community

Watch out for invisible things

Ministry of Optimism

Business is a subcategory of our life

Getting a chance to go to bat

You get great products and you save kids lives

Laughter has no foreign accent

Human messages are the only message

Tell your story