Productivity Tip - Block It Out - #TimeTrickery

If you want someone to "do" something. (review, write, think, etc...and you really need it done)

  • Schedule a meeting/block the time in their calendar.
  • Subject:  Not a Meeting, Time for You to "do what I need you to do"

If you want to have a moment to actually be productive.

  • Block out time every day in your calendar to:
  • Work, not a "meeting"
  • Workout - we all should
  • Eat lunch/drink water
  • Read or do something inspiring for 20 minutes

Even if you cancel this time or schedule over it, if it's not in your calendar you probably will not do it.

If you want to hit a due date.

  • Give yourself and your team some what I call "wiggle" - tell them its due 3-5 days sooner and stick to it.

Time Trickery should be used on one's self and others.

Try it and see if it helps.

and Happy New Year!