Social Noodling - #TweetJam #cmswire

I attended the #CMSWire sponsored Tweet Jam yesterday - SharePoint in the Enterprise #EIMChat and I was summarily intrigued...

Are you a player in the game?  I say kudos to CMS Wire for showing initiative and creating the proverbial buzz that they normally do around innovation and technology and getting vendors together to publicly duke it out.  They are great at that.

Rose By Any Other Name?  Where I understand the name Tweet Jam, it makes me thinks of toejam or an annoying long  music set or musicians who go on and on and on. (hmmm, maybe the name is more appropriate than I originally thought) ...

Who dat?  While watching the Jam play out, it was interesting to see who was on, who wasn't, did Microsoft SharePoint PMs participate besides asking questions, we're there any "customers" on and/or if it was just a bunch of SharePoint choir members talking to themselves.  Interestingly enough it WAS all of the above.

My Marketeer Two Cents:  This Tweet Jam forum will either evolve or die depending on if the communities that are involved are already strong or not and if communities decide that they are worth the time.

If Microsoft or other biggies play then so will their partners, MVPs, etc…  validity by participation is part of the deal - so if the big guys stay in the ring, so will the vendors.  This goes for in-person events as well.

It behooves vendors, consultants and MVPs-types to make time for this sort of thing as they thrive off of being "players" with opinions and thoughts about the game.  Customers want their vendors to be in the know, respected in the marketplace and part of the overall community.  Toot your horn as nobody else will.

Some companies have a dedicated person or team dealing with their social strategy and some don't - so whether you choose to be involved in these types of things or not will come down to bandwidth and value out of playing.  The value in a Tweet Jam has yet to be revealed but a company's or individuals "klout" or perception in the marketplace is important and to be a player, again, you have to play the game.    Most companies do NOT have this social game figured out yet so the field is wide open on how to manage, play and govern one's individual and company's policies on it.   I know personally I go in fits and starts with Twitter myself and I do not use FourSquare or Facebook Places.

Folks like CMS Wire are pushing decisions on how we interface with each other, time will tell if it will take off or not.  Like anything else there will be so many Tweet Jam's to choose from someone will need to build a rating system or aggregator to decide which ones to attend and a true way to filter these things.  Hey, maybe that is the next million dollar idea…

For your old school jam needs -   Jam on it, y'all!

Yeah or nay on the Tweet Jam?



Head Maven,, @heddanewman