Prince Concert - Oakland - Feb 23 - Funky and Tight

Prince is and has been one of my favorite artists since I bought one of my first few .45 records.  Funny enough the best thing about pulling these out is that song prices are now back to what they were in the early 80's.  99 cents,  baby.  But back then you got a "B" side…  Here that music industry?!? Yes, I still have my vinyl

This was my second Prince concert, I saw him in Seattle at the Key Arena for his Musicology Tour which was amazing.  Stand out vision was Prince sitting on a chair playing an acoustic version of Little Red Corvette, beautiful.

Wednesdays concert however was out of this world.  My two favorite songs bar none are Baby I'm A Star, which he played full length and Love Bizarre which he also played full length with Sheila E.   I may never need to see another concert again.

A friend and I were in the upper balcony but it didn't matter.  We had an amazing view of the symbol stage and danced for three hours.  My event planner self drooled the entire time.  Lights, screens, confetti bursts were impeccably tight just like Prince commands his band and wears his pants.  Not a surprise, but a delight.  Kudos, production team, you rocked it.

We demand a lot our of our artists (our royalty)… we grow up with them, we support their extravagant lifestyles, we live their heartbreaks, foibles and achievements.  Ultimately we just want to see them have an amazing time when they perform.  All of us in Oakland on Wednesday night bore witness to that.  An artist so very ahead of his time for so long, reveling in a gigantic, prolific body of work, with fans who couldn't get enough.  A GREAT NIGHT of smiles, booty shakes, licks, riffs, and funk.  We needed some foot spray.

Opening Band

Larry Graham and his band (Graham Central Station) opened with some amazing funky stuff which included hits from his days with Sly and the Family Stone.  The set was one-hour and crazy fun.

Prince Set List - Wed Feb 23 - Oracle Arena, Oaktown

Let's Go Crazy



Little Red Corvette

The Glamorous Life - Sheila E.

Somewhere Here on Earth

I Love U But I Don’t Trust U Anymore


Sheila E. came on again and stayed till the end

Clap Your Hands, Stomp Your Feet

Love Bizarre (Prince & Sheila E.)

Play That Funky Music

Larry Graham back onstage with members of the Family Stone

Thank u (Sly Cover)

Prince tossed his guitar in crowd

Sexy Dancer/Freak Out (Le Freak)

Love Rollercoaster/Housequake (partial) - Cellphone Wave

In The Arms of An Angel (Singers)

If I Was UR Girlfriend


Purple Rain

Dance (Disco Heat)


Baby I'm a Star

2nd Encore

When Doves Cry

Machine Gun

Prince riffing electronic style on his piano and samples of:

Nasty Girl / Sign O the Times / Alphabet Street / Forever in my Life / Darling Nikki (this was a huge tease, we all went crazy but he didn't sing it) / Pop Life / Single Ladies / Darling Nikki again (another tease)/Black Sweat / Single Ladies (tease, and giving Sheila E. a hard time)

The Bird

Jungle Love

Pure utter delight.