Building It Up To Burn It Down - A Lesson in Impermanence

As a lover of architecture, culture, and art I had to share this beautiful article - The Temple at Burning Man: A Lesson in Impermanence written by Amy Cranch.  I was fortunate to see last year's Temple of Flux on the playa.  I am happy to have donated funds to their Kickstarter campaign.   

There were a number of other amazing art pieces Futures Past by Kate Raudenbush (who always delights) and one most amazing pieces I've ever seen in Black Rock City (the photos looked so real that Facebook threatened to pull the images from many profiles) called Bliss Dance by Marco Cochrane.

As an event producer, I have been always been awestruck at the amount of thought, work, energy and love that goes into creating a city from the dust out in the desert.   It is truly amazing that 40-50,000 people can co-exist for a week together in a safe, organized and completely free, open way.  Much is said and profaned about Burning Man, but the Art is unlike anything you will ever see anywhere.  

Tickets went on sale for Burning Man this past week.  Tier 1 tickets @ $210, Tier 2 tickets @ $240, and Tier 3 tickets @ $280 are SOLD OUT.  Tickets are still available for $320. 

all photos taken by Heather Newman, Head Maven, Creative Maven