2011 Event Trends in a Sexy Package

EventCoup's pictorially gorgeous and chock full of great links presentation on 2011 Event Trends is a great read. Created by Julius Solaris.  Check it out here.  Some Maven thoughts on the links inside...

Klout.com - I've seen Klout mentioned a number of times in the past couple of weeks, our Twitter handle - creativemavens - got a "10" and "explorer" rating.  Mashable who tweets a ton is an "85" so not too shabby...  Klout seems to be the It Girl of this season. I like that they are calling themselves the "standard" for influence.  Pretty darn bold.  Good for them.  Businesses love to know how they rate -  this is perfect for the ROI driven VP.

Flowtown - Hmmm, its January 4th folks, what's up?  Sign up closed for "renovation".

Four Square - I know its popular, I know how to use it, but I LIKE being elusive.  I turn it on when I'm at an event.

CitizenM - I love this site and the concept.  Haven't been to Amsterdam in about a year and a half so haven't tried the hotel, but am bookmarking for another time.

IdeaPaint - The design of their website is stunning.  I'm wracking my brain of a wall somewhere that I can paint.

UserVoice - I use Zoomerang for surveys to gather feedback from clients, it works well, but doesn't blow the doors off anything.  I like the overview for UserVoice so I'm going to give it a try after end of our next project.

Get Satisfaction - This is a great website.  Super cool hybrid of fun/cheeky design, part blog, part straight up professional info.   I smell industry standard here.

Let me know what you liked and what you use of Julius' list, inquiring minds.



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