Favorite New York Dives Closing Doors - Stoned Crow

ultraclay dot com - breaks the news of the closing of one of my favorite New York Dive Bars, The Stoned Crow.  I was first taken here by dear friends Joe & Darlene about six years ago.  Ever since, I've taken many clients, friends and even New Yorkers here for the great burgers and colorful clientele.  I had a long talk with Betty, the owner last time I was in town -  per usual she was holding court with her fire engine red hair in a little cubby closet before you went into the dining room.  I make it a point to stop in every time I go to NYC.  I didn't make my Winter trip this year, so I'll have to say goodbye from afar.  Best Dive in NYC

ultraclay dot com gives a lovely tribute... check it out

gothamist gets to the nitty gritty - should have known it was a rent hike... boohiss!