FacebookPlaces and MavenFaces

With throngs of techies and teenagers wondering what will be involved with the FacebookPlaces announcement, it is interesting for me to think about who I’m connected with and if I want to know where they are and if I want them to know where I am. iPhone app is rumored to push out tonight!  Social media tools offer radical amounts of information on users, is it too much?  or just right?  We continually discuss our stance and "likes" of all of these tools for our own purposes.  It just so happens that we have updated our own Maven Company Bio/Locations pages this week putting some "Face & Place" information out about our team for you.  

We have a great team of marketing mavens ready to help you with your next big idea. 

Maven Team


If you've worked with us in the past and would like to recommend us - give a shout on our LinkedIn pages from our About Us/Location  page and we'll gladly return the favor.  If we know where you are, we might even send you some Maven treats. 

The Maven Way… 

  • Our clients LOVE us and come back again and again
  • We say “yes”, and recruit or refer if/when necessary
  • Our pricing is competitive and we stay on budget

Thank you to all of our clients and fans for your continued support.  

Ready to juggle so you don’t have to… 

Cheers, Heather