Fake Receipts, Purchases and Notifications - BEWARE

Even with my Junk Mail settings on Red Alert I still see what's coming through. It is amazing the amount of realistic looking emails I'm receiving that on first glance seem from reputable companies where I AM a frequent shopper and HAVE an account. YouSendIt, Amazon, UPS, PayPal, JCPenney's... just to name a few.

I know to avoid Swiss Watch and Viagra emails and have rules set up to send them directly to trash... and to avoid other things that look odd. Viruses are bad news and if you don't have anti-virus software on your computer go BUY some right now. I've received at least 3 calls in the last month for the number of  "your guy that fixes computers" from friends & colleagues who weren't protecting their data. 

For my personal machines I use Computer Associates software - it seems to me to be the least intrusive and doesn't have all the annoying "blocks" when you are loading new software and updates itself without bothering you every few hours.

What Anti-Virus software do you use and do you like?  Curious minds....