Travel & Travel & Another Cool Blog...

Been home now for a night - no matter how much we travel recharging is so essential for any road warrior.  Simply sleeping in one's bed does wonders for the soul.  Taking the new puppy Pierre to the dog park is pretty good too. The last two months have been so fun and full we've planned 2 site visits, 1 party, 4 conferences,  6 dinners with another event coming and a huge event strategy and SharePoint event portal build.  Whew!  we are busy as we've ever been and our clients are happy and telling us so.  All is great!!

I've got lots to post about all the travels but I thought I'd put a link up to a blog that I really like - tis another Event/Marketing/Maven-type like us. 

Paige is one of the sponsor managers for the E2.0 Conference series and is a super cool gal.  I really like her blog and I loved this last entry about being a Conference Warrior Princess.  I agree girl, tis hard to wear this crown everyday.... you just have to make sure you have your ducks in a row.

Check it out -


I'd only add

6.  A roll of packing tape and a sharpie will make you life long friends.....put them in your luggage.