Overwhelmed with personal responses….on “Too Short” not the rapper…

I have been overwhelmed with personal responses to the Integrity blog post, I guess I struck a nerve on a bunch of different issues.  Everyone agrees, don't be a jerk and word of mouth is where it's at. (two turntables and a microphone).  Not a shocker... Social networking is TIMECONSUMING and nebulous. It shouldn't surprise anyone that some of the bigger companies that I work with still don’t have clear policies on Facebook, Twitter and the like. And who is in charge of it? Is it the PR person, a product manager, marketing person, events manager (ala me?) which has been the case sometimes…. Honestly we are all making up the policies as we go along, but there are best practices. And you and your companies should be aware of them. And I will admit the best way that I’ve learned especially on Facebook is that I’m essentially the Facebook Admin for both my Mom and my Mother-In-Law, they want to see pictures, etc… but don’t want everyone to know their bizness.  Literally playing with settings on their sites early on taught me how to navigate THE BOOK, and keep private things private.

This is not new information but you would surprised at how much information is out there about you. Go ahead, Bing yourself (I know I’m a PC gal), do it right now…. I found my entire family their ages and how they relate to me. Well enough about privacy. Just do it, like Nike says. Businesses out there – if you need help let us know, we do that sort of thing.  And there’s a ton of great free guidance out there again, start at Mashable.com – they rock.

Happy Socializing!